An island of enchanting contrasts, Aruba is blessed with turquoise waters, radiant beaches and prevailing trade winds ensuring a near perfect climate year-round.

Nestled in the Southern Caribbean, Aruba covers an area that is blessed with miles of white-sand coastline, a booming city-life in Oranjestad and a variety of wildlife within the Arikok National Park, marking it as the perfect spot for a sunny Caribbean getaway. Known for clear, cloud-free days, exotic cuisine and a vibrant history, Aruba offers a fun-filled vacation for guests of any age.

You’ll find beautiful hidden beaches, windsurfers gliding across the waves, dazzling casino action, a championship golf course and irresistible shopping in the charming capital of Oranjestad; all the ingredients for a perfect island escape!

Good to Know

Visa Requirements
Upon arrival in Aruba a tourist must have: a passport that is valid upon entry and for the duration of stay in Aruba. If the tourist holds a passport from a visa required country, he must have a valid visa sticker in his passport; a completely filled-in and signed Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED-card);
Languages spoken
Dutch and Papiamento
Currency used
Aruban florin (AWG)